Phone: (720) 357-6984 Email: boulderstonecraft@gmail.com

I’m a mason specializing in natural stone working in Boulder and the surrounding suburbs.

If you’d like to add a patio to your back yard, add character to your garden, turn plain concrete stairs or sidewalks into something beautiful, or build an entire outdoor living area for your home, I’m the one for the job.

To me, stone masonry is an art, not just a trade and a way to make a living. I’m passionate about stone- which sounds like a simple marketing exaggeration, but when I was in middle school my friends made fun of me for getting excited about geology. I take serious pride in working with my hands and creating lasting functional beauty for my clients.

I grew up in the masonry industry working in the family business, learning all the skills necessary to create quality, lasting work. I started laying stone when I was just about 14 years old, learning about cuts and fits, and all the details that make stone beautiful instead of just functional.

If you’d like a free quote and design consult, email me at boulderstonecraft@gmail.com, or call 720-357-6984.

If you know exactly what you want, that’s great! And if not, I can lead you through the design process, help you choose from the various types of stone, construction options, and functional aspects of the project. Stone masonry is a beautiful world, and I’d love to bring it to your home!

Outdoor kitchen fireplace
Imagine this in your back yard

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