Patio Sealing


Patio sealing is a process of applying a thin layer of sealant to prevent weathering on a patio. We use an acrylic latex based sealer, which absorbs into the stone and mortar to protect and repel water from the masonry. Repelling water helps prevent weathering by stopping the freeze thaw cycle, and stopping erosion. It also keeps the patio cleaner by preventing stains from soaking into the stone.


Patio sealer comes in two main types, high gloss and low gloss. High gloss creates a little bit of shine on the stone, while low gloss simply makes the color of the stone a bit richer. These sealers do not make stone slippery or slick! The original texture of the stone is preserved. Other sealers are available for patios, but simple acrylic base sealer is good for most residential applications.


Pricing for a single coat is based on a $100 base charge plus $.46 per square foot of patio area. This number is based on 1 gallon of sealer covering 100 square feet. Some patios may require more than that, depending on the age of the patio, the type of stone, how weathered it is, and whether it has been sealed before. Any additional sealer used will be charged to the customer. Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we make sure all material costs are discussed with the customer before being made.

Pricing for a second coat is based on a $25 base charge, plus $.25 per square foot. The second coat takes less sealer and goes on faster. A second coat is recommended if the patio hasn’t been sealed recently in the past, or if it’s especially weathered and needs more protection. If the patio has been properly maintained with regular sealing in the past, a single coat should be fine.

The Process

The first step is to schedule an estimate. We set up a time for me to come out and meet you, and I measure out the patio and examine the stone, and we discuss the project. Then I send you the quote, and we set up a time for me to start. Most patios take less than a day to  seal, and payment is due upon completion. You will want to avoid walking on the patio for 24 hours on average, possibly longer if it’s chilly outside- if it feels sticky when you walk on it, then give it longer to dry. If it starts to rain during the project, or it looks like rain is imminent before it fully dries, I cover it in thin plastic sheeting to protect it.


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