My story

I’m a young stonemason who grew up in the masonry business, working for my father. As a young child it was my responsibility to do the finish work on the mortar joints in stone, and as I got older I got more and more responsibility as I learned more and more: from mixing the cement, to site prep, to laying the stone, and eventually to directing other workers and running the entire project. I’ve always been passionate about working with stone, to the extent that I was a geology nerd in school and my friends made fun of me for it.

I’ve studied business and management skills on my free time for years, because I knew that this was the path I want to take. I knew I had to study business because a lack of business skills is the most common downfall I’ve seen in small time contractors After becoming confident in my ability to both run a job and run a business, I decided to strike out on my own, with just a beat up old Ford, a wheelbarrow, and my masonry tools. I love that I can take my future into my hands and strike out on my own like this.